3 Types of People Who Will Crush Your Creative Passions

This is it, time to wrap up the networking series!

The friends you keep impact your journey in life. Choose wisely, surround yourself with successful and like-minded individuals, and eliminate toxic relationships.

I’m not implying that dropping friends is easy.

You may have commitments that you can’t back out of or coworkers that you can’t escape. If you can’t let go of a relationship, you can at least limit contact.

Don’t spend any more time than is necessary around people who drain your energy.

Starting with…

1. The Complainers

Everyone bitches, including me.

Venting to friends, family, and (sometimes) clients is natural and a great way to connect. But beware of the Capital-C Complainers– those who constantly whine, piss on every situation, and spread negativity.

Complainers can be a buzzkill, but they can also be a valuable alarm to issues in your creative endeavors. To deal with them, follow these steps:

  • Acknowledge their input and let them know you’re thinking about it.
  • Ask for specifics on what’s pissing them off.
  • Demand action by asking, “What will you do about it?”
  • Carefully consider their complaints and ideas before making changes.
  • Keep them in the loop after making changes to see if they’re satisfied.

If nothing improves, consider limiting or ending the relationship. A Capital-C Complainer will only bring you down.

2. The No-Shows (or the Perpetually Late)

Born to a U.S. Army Vet who served in ‘Nam, I was schooled in punctuality early on. I don’t really tolerate tardiness.

Service industry people know the drill – a no-show client means lost time and lost cash.

As a tattoo artist, I was all too familiar with flaky clients who didn’t show or constantly arrived late, but there’s a fix.

First, make it clear you respect time. Your time is just as important as your client’s. Enforce retaining fees and deposits. When your clients or contacts understand that your time is more important than their money, they’ll take the hint.

And second, lead by example – always be on time. Call if you’re running late. There are no excuses.

Punctuality is respect – for yourself and others. When that’s not possible, clear communication is key. But for those who continuously abuse your precious time, cut ties.

Time’s a non-renewable resource, so don’t waste it. Don’t let other people waste it, either.

3. The Dream-Killers

Some people will always seem to hold you back, tell you your ambitions are too grand, and that you’ll never succeed. Cut them loose, they limit your potential.

Sadly, parents are often the worst offenders. They prioritize caution and practicality over audacity, not realizing that playing it safe is a completely different game than playing to win.

Embrace a community that will lift you up, boost your confidence, and help you reach new heights. These are the people that will unleash your full potential.

If the Dream-Killers can’t understand your fire, bid them farewell.

And if you can’t let go, be aware of their impact on your mindset, and use them as a red team to harden your resolve and strengthen your ideas.

Looking forward…

There you have it folks, the people you need to be wary of in your journey.

First, the Capital-C Complainers. Deal with them by acknowledging their input, asking for specifics, demanding action, considering their complaints, and limiting or ending the relationship if nothing improves.

Next, the No-Shows or Perpetually Late. Make it clear you respect time, enforce retaining fees and deposits, and lead by example. Cut ties with those who continuously abuse your time, as you can never get that shit back.

And finally, ditch the Dream-Killers who can’t understand your fire. If you can’t let them go, be conscious of their impact and use them as a red team. Embrace supportive communities that boost your confidence and help you reach new heights, unleashing your full potential.

Yes, you might fail at your goals. You will fail at something. But you’ll learn more about yourself through failures than by playing it safe and surrounding yourself with toxic people.

Go out. Make big things happen. And do it with the right people.

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