How Fascism Works

A very one-sided political commentary on fascism.

It could have been written as an essay, but it raises valid concerns with the current state of political unrest in the United States.

It’s a compelling argument that got watered down with too many words. Less is more, here.

Is fascism a major concern in the United States? Most definitely. And the right is employing an alarming amount of fascist tactics. Unfortunately, the left is also employing SOME of the same tactics (though nowhere close to the same in intensity or frequency), but that gets glossed over.

Read the introduction if you want a good, succinct idea about the content of the book. It provides all of necessary details and warning signs to watch for. Specifically:

  • Creating a Mythic Past (That the past was somehow better than the present)
  • Widespread propaganda. Manifestos. Slogans. Misinformation campaigns.
  • Anti-intellectualism. When books start disappearing and education starts being “reformed” to change history.
  • Unreality. When a leader starts making assertions so regularly that people believe those assertions are true.
  • Heirarchy. Any time one group of people is seen as “better” than another. Racial, ethnic, religous, national, etc.
  • Victimhood. Blaming a group of people for the state of affairs instead of offering real solutions.
  • Law and Order. Increasing military spending or increasing a policing presence. Creating the illusion of being “hard on crime” while being incredibly corrupt.

The last “warning sign” chapter on sexual anxiety didn’t resonate well with me, as I don’t think that’s an issue with fascist politics or conservative values, exactly. I think any culture that experiences hubs of sexual “deviance” (ie deviance from the norm, not deviant) will have trouble accepting it.

This book offers no solutions to the problems it presents, which is my major problem with it. After reading the book I feel like I can see the currents under the surface a bit better, but I don’t have any way to influence them other than being more politically outspoken, voting more intelligently, and (more importantly) voting carefully with my dollars.

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