Nonviolent Communication

A phenomenal guide on effective communication — in an nonviolent way.

It seems to be very closely aligned with Adlerian psychology, which I have an incredible appreciation for.

The four steps of Nonviolent Communication are:

  1. Observations (without judgment or evaluation).
  2. Expression of feelings.
  3. Linking your feelings to needs.
  4. Making requests (that do not negatively impact another’s quality of life.)

The beginning of the book is where the “meat” of the content seems to lie, while the latter half of the book is how to apply Nonviolent Communication to different situations.

This is a phenomenal read on improving our language, our thinking, and our communication skills to connect with others more clearly.

Note: I’ve heard that the condensed audio lecture/presentation is just as valuable with a delivery in a quarter of the time.

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