Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

A research-backed method of parenting to raise considerate, independent kids in a peaceful way.

The gist — identify your own triggers, ditch punishment, learn how to connect with your kids just as they are.

Set clear boundaries (Dr. Rosenberg of NVC fame would call this Protective Force), but respond to all types of behavior with curiosity and love. Coach your kids through their feelings and lead them with empathy.

Every parent needs to read this book. The information on the damage of corporal punishment (punitive force) is enough to turn most parents away from “the way things have always been done.”

This is not an easy way to parent. It’s incredibly challenging and requires that you face your own emotions head-on. The only way to teach your children to take responsibility for their feelings is for you to take responsibility for your own.

This is another book that is rooted in the principles of Adlerian Psychology. Take responsibility for your own feelings and actions, let other people take responsibility for theirs.

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