Your Music and People / Anything You Want

Josh's Rating: 10

Author(s): Derek Sivers


Derek Sivers is one of my favorite humans. I was recently gifted these two books — and they changed the way I think about business.

(Note: I’ll probably add all of Sivers’ books under one umbrella as I read the rest. I just have to get them!)

Sivers takes a holistic, value-driven, personal look at business through both books.

I devoured them both in a day, so the concepts are intermingling in my brain. Yes…I read them in one day. Sivers’ writing is succinct and direct. Every sentence packs a punch.

The main thread between both books is about keeping track of your network and providing as much value as possible.

Sivers is also a proponent of small businesses and tried to keep his empire small before he walked away from it. By thinking small and personal, he tried to create a “utopia.” Your business is your opportunity to make things the way you want to see them in the world.

Who you know will open doors for you, but only if you focus on the other person. Make a Personal CRM and keep it up to date. If you have a network that you engage, you’ll never have to do traditional advertising.

Marketing and business are another form of art. Don’t let creativity stop with your creation. That only gets you to the starting line of business. Once you’re at the starting line, get ready to be MORE creative with your delivery and presentation.