The Gap and The Gain

Want to be a high achiever AND be happy? Those two things usually don’t go hand-in-hand, but Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy deliver a very nuanced approach to pull it off.

This book was so insightful that I had to rave about it to my friends and family.

The key takeaways for me:

You can’t measure your progress against your ideals.

Use your ideals as a guide for the path you’d like to follow, but use your past as the point you measure from.

This creates a sense of appreciation for what you have accomplished instead of disappointment at what you haven’t accomplished yet.

This concept has flipped a switch in my mind that has allowed me to slow down, appreciate everythign I’ve built, and collect more wins in the process.

And the book became a must-read alongside The Art of Impossible and Mindset.

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