The Practice

This is a difficult summary to write. I love Seth’s message, but his delivery is difficult to take notes on.

The Practice reminds me of a more practical, less crotchety The War of Art.

The core message of The Practice?

Show up every day and work on whatever you want to do to change your audience. Be generous. Be of service. Don’t hide behind “authenticity.”

Treat your craft as the boss. If your employer is an entire field of skill, then it’s much more difficult to tell your boss that you don’t want to come to work.

Do what you can to make your craft better for the people who matter.

Oh, and show up every day. Ship the work and get feedback. Make your work better.

Figure out who it’s for. Then figure out what it’s for. Then do it.

Did I mention that you need to show up consistently…every day? Yeah. Do that.

It doesn’t mean you have to produce something finished every day, but you need to be working toward something you ship.

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