The Karma of Kindness

Discover the power of kindness in building a network. Learn how to earn fulfillment and success through genuine kindness, and how it can make a meaningful impact on the world. With practical tips on networking with kindness and building a network that helps you achieve your goals (and feel good about yourself in the process)!

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Random instructions on living a fun, fulfilling, successful life. Updated regularly. Nothing is gospel, but this is the closest I’ve been able to discover in my reading.

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A Letter for 2023

I write my kids a letter every month. For the New Year, I thought I’d make parts of that letter public, and share my thoughts and some hopes for YOU in the upcoming year.

I may not cause any huge changes on my own. But my family and I can be a small part of the tide of creativity and kindness that makes the world a better place. Maybe you’d like to join us.

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Where to Build Your Castle

You finally found the “promised land.” Your friends told you how amazing this land was, so you joined them. You loved what you saw. Everyone

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Student of Life

I can think of a few incredibly valuable life skills that don’t get taught. Let’s identify the real skills that make you successful.

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The Joys of a Clean Slate

Historically, I’ve always enjoyed moving to a new home. Sometimes that means moving across the country, other times that means moving across town. Either way,

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