I worked on this tattoo on Saturday:

Then went to get my 2nd injection of the Moderna vaccine.

After that, I disappeared into the void for a day. I won’t lie — I was pretty well comatose, achy, running a fever, and worthless for anything on Sunday. So I didn’t do much creating. I picked up a pencil…and I put it down.

But I got to work today on prepping a client design and working on a character portrait for a fellow nerd:

What went well?

I’m fully vaccinated, and it was worth the day that I was down for it. I’d rather feel like crap than catch (and potentially spread) a life-threatening disease. And if a vaccine gives me better odds of NOT doing that…well…worth it.

Also, fun tattoo, fun character portrait. I’m feeling pretty awesome lately.

What needs work?

I wish I had PLANNED for a down-day, but alas, I thought I would be just fine, like after the first injection.

What did I learn?

Plan for the worst, especially when you’re hoping for the best.

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