Today was spent doing a different kind of creativity. Today I was setting up a coding environment for future work on CreateQuest and troubleshooting the links in my last email (sorry about that!).

I also went a little bit crazy helping my wife set up a daily tracker for her business and a CRM so she can start keeping track of outreach with her leads.

It was an interesting challenge to make it only as complex as it needed to be. She can keep her daily checklist of lead measures, get reminders to reach out to contacts and keep notes on her interactions. Keeping it as simple as possible is how she’s going to adopt it and add it to her toolkit!

What went well?

Loads of family time today, prepping for geeky stuff — especially with my wife.

What needs work?

I…probably should have done some kind of drawing today! LoL But that’s alright. I went for a different kind of creativity today.

What did I learn?

I’m actually able to simplify and simplify some more to get the results I need. 🙂

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