I got an AWESOME night of sleep last night (hard to come by, lately), and I had an open day for creativity.

Talk about a breath of fresh air. It was nice to have the space to catch up on the things I was falling behind on. Maybe that’s why I kept today open? I don’t know, but I’m grateful for the time.

I got to the cabin extra early and knocked out a warmup page and some gestures:

I got some more gesture drawing time in while studying some Steve Huston videos before lunch:

And another, slower gesture with much more attention to proportion and structure.

What went well?

  • An absolute TON of creative time, study time and catch-up time today.

What needs work?

  • Managing my week so I don’t fall behind so much in the future.

What did I learn?

Building in “buffer days” works really well for me, but I’d be better off having extra space in my days so I don’t start to feel overwhelmed before my buffer day. Yeah…

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