I spent another morning working with Chris on development for CreateQuest, and started doing some styling for the main article list. We’re going for a super-fast, super-lightweight, and super-usable design. It’s a lot of fun to figure out! I haven’t really done much coding, styling, or nitty-gritty development in the last decade, so it’s interesting to see how things have changed.

After playing around on the new CreateQuest theme for a couple of hours, I sat down to finish a character design for a client, then created the new thumbnail image for CreateQuest videos and posts:

What went well?

Finishing up a client design. Contributing more to CreateQuest.

What needs work?

Maintaining focus throughout the day.

What did I learn?

Focus on what you have in order to receive what you lack. If you focus on what you lack, you lose what you have.

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