Reviews took up most of my morning. It’s a new week AND a new month (starting tomorrow), so I prepped for the next few weeks and came up with a game plan.

I also had to catch up on work from earlier in the week. What I didn’t manage to get done the day before is now (mostly) complete.

Once I sat down to draw, I was crunched for time, but still got into flow after my warmup page.

Today I just wanted to take my time to break down the forms and gestures of a couple of poses. I really slowed down and studied what I was doing.

What went well?

  • Getting a good review and planning phase done.
  • Taking fresh information and technique and applying it.

What needs work?

  • I’m having a lot of back pain lately. I think it’s time to upgrade my desk chair.

What did I learn?

February was a super-rough month for me and my family. With a bit more careful planning and preparation, I’m really hoping March will end up being better. I have hope.

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