Sometimes…you need a rebrand. I was getting a bit tired of “joshuagraphic” and saw an excellent opportunity in the domain – so I bought it and started over. Sort of.

I wanted a minimalist approach this time. Stripping everything away to see what was left.

I spent some time getting this new domain set up today. I’m loving the simplicity.

I also decided to sit and draw with my son hanging out across the table from me, just some quick gestures for the day:

And then my wife and I went to play Pathfinder with our friends!

What went well?

Loads of creative time, social creativity with friends, and a new domain name for a fresh start.

What needs work?

Today was cheat day on our diet. I feel…gross after such a horrible day of food atrocities.

What did I learn?

Fun is fun. 🙂




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