Ahhhh. A catch-up day. So nice.

I didn’t sleep well, but I’m taking it one little micro-win at a time. I got to the cabin fairly early today and did some work on creative projects (product creation!), then did my warmup page:

I’m pretty happy with this one. Little things, notably the ellipses on the bottom half, made me incredibly happy today.

I also wanted to work on gestures today. Again, I’m pretty happy with these. I just took my time and got what I could on the page with different intervals.

What went well?

  • A day to catch up on everything.

What needs work?

  • My wife needs more help with the kids, but I’m not able to give it to her right now. 🙁
  • Keeping my art space “sacred.”

What did I learn?

Life sometimes presents us with incredible challenges or Resistance when we need to get things done. Don’t let life stop you.

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