Another good day. I have a very, very full day, so I took half of my sleeping medication last night as insurance for good sleep. It worked!

But I don’t want to become dependent on sleeping meds, so I’m ONLY using HALF a dose before an important day, not nightly, and definitely not a full dose. Holy cow that messes my brain up.

I brought my son to the cabin with me this morning to give my wife a break from having to deal with TWO little ones, so that distracted me a bit. I still managed to get my warmup done:

I tried something a little bit different today, just to switch it up and challenge myself a bit more. The tweaks were a little bit challenging, but I need to find more exercises that hit multiple skills at once. I think I’m on to something with doubling up on superimposing lines in the perspective plane…and doing parallel lines is a good challenge, too. The c-curves are under-practiced, but I think I could frame the s-curve with some c-curves and superimpose them to get more practice.

As for the s-curve, I think I’m going to go back to ONE s-curve and alternate the direction every day. Food for thought.

The challenging warmup and doing something fresh seemed to really help me with my gestures today, though:

I’m pretty excited about these. I feel like I may have “leveled up” a bit on gesture drawing today. I just felt confident going into them and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I also worked on a tattoo, but forgot to get photos before I wrapped it up, so I’ll just get healed shots next time that client comes in for a new tattoo (already booked).

What went well?

  • Finding a way to help my wife — even just a little bit.
  • A challenging new warmup — it still needs refined.
  • Fun gestures.

What needs work?

  • My wife needs more help with the kids, but I’m not able to give it to her right now. 🙁
  • Keeping my art space “sacred.”

What did I learn?

Life sometimes presents us with incredible challenges or Resistance when we need to get things done. Don’t let life stop you.

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