Today was an odd day. My AM was spent preparing my desktop for a fresh installation of Windows and doing some writing while I was backing up important files.

After lunch I set up to draw using my random slideshow of art that I enjoy. Here are some of the things that ended up on the page:

I always find it interesting to see what ends up on the page when I do this exercise. Sometimes the different pieces of sketch coalesce into an idea.

That didn’t happen today. But I went to work so the muse could visit if she wanted to.

I also set up social sharing on this blog, as well as my wife’s website.

What went well?

Drawing, writing, and enjoying some flexibility today.

What needs work?

Finding more focus. I need to start creating flash for sale.

What did I learn?

Timers were always a good option for me to stay focused. I should really get back to using them. I move more that way, as well.




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