Friday was my 4-year wedding anniversary! And I’d forgotten that when I scheduled a tattoo a couple of months ago, so I ended up having to work.

I spent most of the morning with my wife, though — then went to the cabin to do some quick drawing (just gestures):

Which were a ton of fun, and I’m glad I’m getting back into the habit of doing daily gesture drawing.

After a delicious lunch with my wife, I DID have to go to work and tattoo. Which I forgot to photograph.

On Saturday, I spent the morning working on the new CreateQuest design with Chris, then tattooed in the afternoon.

I forgot to photograph that one, as well.

Which brings me to Sunday. It was mostly a family day, but I did more gesture drawings in the evening after messing up my new screen protector on my drawing tablet.

What went well?

Plenty of creative time over the past few days..

Four years of marriage! Many more to come.

What needs work?

I need to make sure I don’t schedule things over my anniversary.

I need to REMEMBER to take photos of everything I do.

What did I learn?

Put important dates on EVERY calendar.




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