What a day! I met with Chris early this morning to discuss future development plans for CreateQuest, then hopped on a meeting with the Optimize Creators.

After lunch, I went to the studio to meet a client for a consult, worked on finishing a tattoo for about 45 minutes, then rushed home to get my laptop on charge so I could meet for another consult.

All-in-all, I spent close to 4 hours today in meetings, so I’m glad I had a tattoo scheduled for my art time today. But I forgot to take a photo again!

While I was at the studio, we also had a health inspection. And we got 100% again! That’s four in a row for the year and three months we’ve been open. Not bad.

What went well?

A 100% health inspection

Getting my ancient Surface Pro tablet set up as an ebook reader.


What needs work?

Taking photos of my work.

Blocking off more time for autonomy and art.

What did I learn?

I don’t enjoy being busy. At all.




Web Development, Tattooing



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