Today was an incredibly strange day. I got a lot of work done, including a good amount of creative time, but the entire day was “off” — I got to the cabin late this morning, I kept the kids for most of the afternoon, and I wasn’t very structured at all today.

While I was at the cabin, I did a lot of writing, and a few gesture poses:

I feel like I learned more during these gestures than I usually do. But WHY? Because I was taking notes AS I was working today. On everything, not just the gestures.

Josh Kaufman described his logging process in a podcast interview recently, and it added a new dimension to how I want to approach my time-logging. I’m not going to just write what I’m doing, I’m going to write my thoughts ABOUT what I’m doing — What’s working? What am I struggling with? Essentially…the same questions I ask myself at the end of every “Daily Creation” post.

Taking this approach to my entire day is what allowed me to get so much more done on a day where everything was off-schedule.

What went well?

Early creative time.

Quality time with my family.

Getting new ideas and frameworks for writing.

My short pose gestures felt natural after the first couple of sketches.

What needs work?

I struggled a lot with my 2-minute gestures. I had trouble focusing on the process today.

I wish I had made more time to get into a good flow today. It was a struggle, most definitely.

What did I learn?

Logging my time with more detail about how I FEEL is much more enlightening than a list of things I’ve done through the day.




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