I’ve been working for the past week to turn my 1st generation Surface Pro tablet into a powerful e-reader (using the web interface for BookFusion — AWESOME) and I realized that I could also use it for the thing I bought it for in the first place — a sketchbook on the go!

So when we were packing up to take a family vacation today, I left my big, powerful drawing tablet in the cabin. And I brought my nearly obsolete Surface Pro so I could sketch a little bit on the road. Here are the results:

It was awkward to sketch on, but still fun! I think I’ll keep using it as an on-the-go device or to capture ideas quickly when I feel something coming on.

What went well?

Getting the SP1 set up for sketching.

Bonding with my family.

What needs work?

I’m exhausted after the trip.

What did I learn?

I don’t need all of the fancy, bulky tools when I’m traveling. Simple is better.




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