Yesterday (the 30th) was spent at King’s Island with my family, then driving home and promptly passing out from exhaustion. BEFORE the trip to the park, I met up with Chris to discuss our next steps with CreateQuest, which mostly involves taking our time and releasing more polished content.

Today (after waking up from a short coma) I did a TON of writing in the AM, tackled my review process, and sat down with my Surface tablet to sketch:

It took some time and patience to get used to the SP1, but I’m making progress.

What went well?

Bonding more with my family. And getting some thrills in the process.

Idea generation for CreateQuest.

Using my “sketchbook.”

What needs work?

I’m beyond exhausted after the trip.

What did I learn?

Creative time is creative time. I’ll take it as a win.




Writing, Digital (Sketchbook)



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