This morning was an interesting one. Things were running ever-so-slightly behind, but I managed to get my new screen protector applied to the Gaomon tablet (the big boy), and I got to the cabin early.

It was nice to be back in the studio. I worked on some gestures first. It felt really awkward while I was working on these.

After struggling through those, I started drawing an image thumbnail for an article that I’m working on for CreateQuest:

And then proceeded to script that video/article before going home for the day. At home, I got sucked into creating a new “hub” for my social media profile links — here it is.

Hopefully that will help me consolidate more information and keep track with everything.

What went well?

Creating the hub.

Sketching for CQ, sketching for myself.

Getting the new screen protector on!

What needs work?

I’m out of practice with my gestures.

Flow has been difficult to dip into lately.

What did I learn?

I could use some larger chunks of time to find flow. And I need to set up some better triggers, too.




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