Today I met with Chris a little earlier than usual for CreateQuest, then had a follow-up meeting with the Optimize Creators. We had a new guest on the call today — a fellow entrepreneur!

It became another errand day after my meetings in the AM — which is what Tuesdays usually are for Affinity. I managed to make it home a bit early, though. So I tackled a revision of a piece of flash:

And followed that up with some gestures, using a different brush to introduce some novelty into the practice:

Which I think I will continue to do on a regular basis. I’ll try different brushes in my practice until I get used to them, then switch it up to turn familiarity into novelty.

What went well?

Meeting another entrepreneur.

Trying something different with my gestures.

What needs work?

I was stuck in my head a lot today. THat needs some work.

What did I learn?

I could use some larger chunks of time to find flow. And I need to set up some better flow triggers, too.




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