Alright — the death of my car has had an incredible impact on my life. Drucker’s law (an expansion of Murphy’s Law) states that “When one thing goes wrong, everything else will — at the same time.”

That has been incredibly true over the past 4 days. Between the vehicle, my son having an allergic emergency, trying to prep for tattoos, and just…getting overwhelmed…it has been a rough week.

BUT — I persevered on my drawing habit. I didn’t collect photos of everything I’ve done, but here is a selection that I was able to dig up:

Some warmup pages.

Tattoo designs — which I tattooed but didn’t get photos of.

And I also did some exercises from Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson. Those were fun!

What went well?

  • I’m a stronger person after overcoming the obstacles of the week so far.
  • I made a butt-load of money (which should help fix the car).

What needs work?

  • My car still needs some work.
  • My stress levels.

What did I learn?

Obstacles make me stronger. Obstacles make me stronger. Obstacles make me stronger.

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