After a frustrating day of doing a lot but finishing nothing, it was nice to change the pace today. I started my day with a good bit of writing, then hiked to the cabin and did some gesture drawing:

I did some more writing (related to marketing), then made some final revisions to a client design:

I wanted to try freehanding some of the extra “fill” on the sleeve I was planning on finishing off, but after I sketched it on, I was much less confident with the design, so I decided to break this session into two and have a design ready to go on the last session.

Here’s a video of the progress so far:

What went well?

I really enjoyed doing my gesture drawings today and feel like I accomplished a lot of productive creative time this morning.

What needs work?

I was over-confident going into my tattoo today.

What did I learn?

Even when I feel over-confident, I’m usually able to catch myself and course correct. I hope my clients appreciate it when I admit I made a mistake before I commit the mistakes to their skin.




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