Today was an odd start for me. I was incredibly sleep-deprived, so I was unfocused all morning until I took a short nap after breakfast. Then I tried to film a video with my new wireless mic. Three takes later and I gave up for the day, but I took detailed notes on what needs to improve.

I also finished reading The Art of Impossible today. The information density in that book is astounding to me. It’s probably one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read. I’ll be transferring the notes from the book over the coming week to my notes file so I can keep my thoughts organized.

After lunch I colored for a good bit with my son, then did some gestures, but lost one whole page of gestures. Unfortunately, the page of gestures I lost was the best page, so…that sucks. But here’sthe other page I tackled:

What went well?

Spending time with my son.

Finishing The Art of Impossible.

Creative time, in general.

What needs work?

My scripting definitely needed some work with my video.

My allergies are a bit out of control right now.

What did I learn?

Editing a script AFTER it’s recorded gives you a fresh perspective on what went wrong. It’s extra work, but if it gives you another 80% return on quality…sometimes it’s worth it!

Oh — and I should export every layer as I’m working so I don’t lose progress.




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