I spent three HOURS on a call with Chris this morning to talk CreateQuest. We recorded the next episode of the podcast in the process, which I’m really excited about — because the production quality is going to be MUCH higher. And because we’re doing a book review on The Art of Impossible this time!

Then I ate some lunch and hiked back to the cabin to do some sketching for the day. I hiked back to the cabin and sketched with Harper, my youngest daughter, strapped to my chest the entire time. I’m proud of the quality of these gestures considering I had limited mobility:

What went well?

Attacking the podcast recording!

Fun gestures.

Giving my wife a short break from caring for ALL THREE kiddos. LoL

Going to a birthday party where my kids had a blast.

What needs work?

I want to deliver an astonishing amount of value.

What did I learn?

My memory for what I read is disturbing to some people. LoL Also, if I want to achieve an astonishing level of success, I need to provide the value first.

Also, I need to wear headphones when I’m recording a podcast.




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