Yesterday was my son’s birthday party — which most people canceled last minute for. So my family had quite a huge pile of junk-food to eat (it was cheat day, though, so we ate it without guilt). And I only did a page of gestures. No other real creative activity:

That caused quite a few issues with our digestive systems, though. And I paid for it today with low energy, a lack of focus, and a general feeling of lethargy. I still filmed, then I managed to get more gestures in among my study time:

And I got some updates applied to Affinity, then put a t-shirt up in my shop.

What went well?

Spending time with my family.

What needs work?

I want to deliver an astonishing amount of value.

My “cheat days” on Sundays are starting to HURT. The food hangover is real.

What did I learn?

So many interesting things about marketing, mental models, and the meta-skill of learning and skill acquisition. Those are things that I need to write about soon…




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