It’s Veterans’ Day, the day my dad ironically passed away on nine years ago. From extended complications of Agent Orange exposure. So it’s always a bittersweet day for me.

I spent it being productive, though. With writing, sketching:

Editing Episode 8 of the CreateQuest Podcast, then drawing for a client:

My son also learned how to ride his bike today. I’ve been working with him for about a week with no training wheels and no pedals (balance bike), then I put his pedals on today.

Haley got to be there to capture it on film, but I was working. That DID make me a little bit sad, I’ll admit.

What went well?

Loads of creative time.

My son can ride a bike without any assistance!

What needs work?

I want to deliver an astonishing amount of value.

Maintaining this level of productivity every day.

What did I learn?

Asking “why should they care” is a great filter.

Repeat today’s routine. Work hard on things that draw me in.




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