Today wasn’t nearly as productive as yesterday, but I did manage to get some drawing time in this morning. I was going back to one of my older exercises — flipping through images in an art folder and sketching whatever caught my eye:

It was a strange stream-of-visual-consciousness exercise. I didn’t get any revolutionary ideas from it, but immersing myself in tattoo art, specifically, helped me sketch this idea out:

I think I’ll be doing more drawings ON turnaround poses from here on out. It helps generate more interest.

What went well?

Loads of creative time.

Finally getting some tattoo-related ideas down on the “page.”

What needs work?

I want to deliver an astonishing amount of value.

I wasn’t nearly as focused today as I was yesterday, but I dropped into a bit of flow while sketching on the figure.

What did I learn?

Asking “why should they care” is a great filter.

Pushing myself just a little bit further was the key to finding flow today.




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