Yesterday I spent my morning working on getting the next episode of The CreateQuest Podcast edited and posted with the cover art, then I went to the studio and did this tattoo for my client:

And looking at the photo, the twist of his arm is misaligning the features of the face. 😂 When his arm is in the correct position, the features are aligned just fine.

Today I spent most of my day working on my Weekly Review with the kids running wild. I also worked a bit on refining the design that I plan on selling. I’m trying to consider the position very carefully, and simplifying the design where the skin may not be able to handle the trauma:

The next phase of this design will be eliminating some of the perfect symmetry so there’s at least a little room for forgiveness.

What went well?

Loads of creative time.

Progress on the chest piece.

Making my client really happy.

What needs work?

I should probably do my weekly review somewhere quiet.

Make sure I get photos with the tattoo positioned where it will look the best.

What did I learn?

Something I already knew. If I don’t protect my PM bookend, I almost always regret it.




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