Hooray for a good night’s sleep! And a smooth morning on Wednesday. On Wednesday everything just “clicked” really well for me in the AM.

I got to the cabin bright and early. I swept the threshold for the Muse (I cleaned the cabin before I started working), then tackled my warmup page:

Followed by some gestures (I did two pages today, starting with 30-seconds, then 1-minute, 2-minute, and 5-minute poses).

Unfortunately, Thursday was a rough day for sleep and I only managed to get a design prepared for one of my coworkers to match a tattoo that I did earlier:

On Friday, I did an incredibly fun tattoo, but messed up my shoulder in the process somehow:

And, on Saturday I worked on creating comps of a logo design for the newest evolution of euCreativ, now CreateQuest.

What went well?

  • Good sleep.
  • Doing gestures again!
  • Tapping into my graphic design roots.
  • A fun tattoo.

What needs work?

  • Gestures seem foreign to me again, so I need to get back to doing them more regularly.
  • I injured my shoulder somehow, possibly from doing too much yard work.
  • My sleep after Wednesday’s awesomeness wasn’t that great.

What did I learn?

Having a larger oscillation is important. I work well with sprints, sometimes for lengthy periods of time, but having a week of light tattooing is such a relief. I can’t maintain 110% workload for longer than a few weeks before I start to “crash.”

I’ll be planning a week “off” from tattooing every month now. I still have consults scheduled, I still have one tattoo to do this week, and I have plenty of admin to keep me busy, but I’m not stacking my cards so high that taking a step will make them fall.

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