My wife and I have both struggled to balance “life” with our professional pursuits lately. I’ve maintained my practice of daily creativity, but barely. I have, admittedly, not drawn every day (I missed a day yesterday of drawing), but as it’s my game, I make the rules, and my goal is to do a CREATIVE activity every day.

I’ve started writing little jokes to get my creative juices flowing. Granted, they’re mostly for marketing purposes, but it’s a fun little daily project for me that I share with the girls at Affinity. If they land, we use them, if they don’t…well…then it was still a fun exercise.

Here are some of the things that I’ve tackled over the last six (holy crap it has been a minute) days:

There were also several pieces that I simply forgot to photograph.

What went well?

Loads of creative time.

Progress on the chest piece.

Making my client really happy.

What needs work?

Make sure I get photos.

Publishing schedule.

What did I learn?

Momentum is hard to regain when you stop doing something.




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