I’ve finally figured it out. How to spend more time with my children, give my wife the time she needs to work, and get a lot of work done, myself.

By splitting cabin time with my wife. It’s genius! She gets to work for half a day, and I get to work for half a day. This only works on days where I’m not tattooing, but it gives Haley enough time to make meaningful progress on her projects while it’s encouraging me to focus on an entirely different level.

Parkinson’s law is: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” I’ve found that to be true. So setting a short deadline on my work is making me simplify and laser focus. The split shift experiment was a success.

I worked on this design (along with a client design that didn’t save to the cloud) yesterday and today:

Along with some writing for a Pathfinder story and some email copy writing.

To finish off my creative time today I helped my wife get some t-shirt designs up in her shop.

What went well?

Loads of creative time.

Finishing up the design for the chest piece.

Helping my wife with her projects.

What needs work?

Picking up my marketing routines.

Finding ways to be social and have fun that don’t depend on other people.

What did I learn?

Expecting others to keep their word is a recipe for disappointment. Always expect the worst and hope for the best.




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