My sleep hasn’t been the greatest lately, but I still got to work.

I started with a warmup page, trying to get back to my routine:

The warmup went better than expected, but I can still see where I’ve regressed a bit in areas.

Then I prepared a draft of a design for tomorrow:

Once I got to work I did two tattoos:

Both of which were a lot of fun. Both of which were the clients’ first tattoos. Two ends of the spectrum on size and subject matter, though!

Other creative practices today: 30 minutes of writing in the AM.

What went well?

  • Getting back to a well-planned routine.
  • Delivering some good tattoos.
  • TONS of art and creative time.

What needs work?

  • I still need to figure out what my new “floor” is going to be, what direction I want to go in.
  • I struggled with a design for the background of the Kraken tattoo, and let my client know. One more session on the Kraken will hopefully finish it off.

What did I learn?

My mind can only handle so much art in a day before it’s “done.” I was deep into some sort of art for 6 hours today and I feel like I’m ready to just…shut off.

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