Not a great day in the Johnson Household! My oldest daughter, Arya, ruined my wife’s laptop this morning by pouring chocolate milk on it. Hooray!

So I was doing damage control. Haley’s laptop is how she does outreach for her business, plans posts, runs her entire life. Fortunately, I have too many devices for my own good. I’m like an engineer in that way.

So I have contingencies. I overhauled my Surface Pro to use for myself until her clients can pay for a new laptop, then added her user account to MY laptop so she has a familiar device to work on.

Then I ripped apart her laptop to get the hard drive, copy her files, and make sure that everything she needs is backed up to the cloud for future insurance.

Not bad, right? Except it took all day to pull that off while I was also running errands. I ended up squeezing some drawing time into the end of my day to at least get SOMETHING done. Oh, and I did a good bit of writing today, as well.

Here’s the pose I tackled today:

What went well?

Helping my wife manage a mini disaster.

What needs work?

Remaining grounded and centered when the day turns chaotic.

What did I learn?

Chocolate milk and electronics don’t mix.




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