My son woke me at 3 a.m. this morning…and I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I read. A lot. I actually finished an amazing book today — The Courage to be Disliked.

It’s a treatise on Adlerian Psychology and Philosophy, relayed through a conversation with a philosopher and an angsty youth. And it’s one of the best pieces of philosophy I’ve had the privilege to read, though the format made it difficult to take notes in the style I enjoy.

Regardless, it’s now on my “Top Reads” bookshelf, and I placed quite a few notes in my box for future reference.

Otherwise, my morning was spent being sleepy, but happy. I met with two artists today for CreateQuest, and did my warmup in the afternoon.

I felt sluggish starting this page — mostly from exhaustion. As peaceful as I’ve felt all day, this was an area where sleep deprivation had a real effect. So I slowed down when I started feeling frustrated, pushed myself a little more into the process, and achieved one of the cleanest pages of warmup that I’ve ever done.

I also spent several hours working on CreateQuest today. Small tweaks, writing notes, and doing my best to keep momentum high.

What went well?

  • Finding flow while I was working on my warmup.
  • Finishing a book that gave me an odd measure of peace.
  • Working on a project that I love.

What needs work?

  • Focus on my fundamentals so I can show up as my best. Especially physically.

What did I learn?

Massive action on a project you love is the way to build and keep momentum. Sprint. Break. Sprint.

Oh, and I also need to get some sleep.

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