I think a style is something that evolves naturally over time. Every so often you’ll pick up another artist’s shorthand for a specific thing and it will be incorporated into your “style.”

Today was one of those days for me — I picked up a little shorthand for the skull, finding a gesture in something that’s mostly structure. And this felt natural to me, so I added it to my own shorthand. Thank you Patrick Jones!

I also worked on a client design that I didn’t save to the cloud before I left the cabin, so I will upload progress on that tomorrow.

What went well?

I didn’t have a ton of cabin time today, but it was focused. I got MOST of my work done today.

What needs work?

Remaining grounded and centered when the universe hands me lemons.

Getting to the cabin on time.

What did I learn?

As much as I’ve always enjoyed Patrick Jones’ style, I’ve never really studied his instructional material. It’s rather awesome. Patrick’s methods are similar to the Reilly method and Steve Huston, but with his own unique spin. I hope one day to develop my own shorthand to the level he is at. It’s inspirational.




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