I’m not going to try saying that I’ve been committed to my creative practice over the past 6 days, because I haven’t. I’ve been in a vehicle during most of my “awake time.”

And this Christmas vacation completely burned me out. As many times as I’ve said that I hate vacations, my lovely wife always manages to convince me to go on them, anyway.

This vacation was worse for my mental state than most. The recovery phase from this vacation is also more intense. The negative self-talk I’m experiencing right now is nearly debilitating, but I know that a few good nights of sleep will take care of that.

It’s time to get back to work on something, though — so I started reworking an old design that I get to tattoo this Wednesday:

I also didn’t reset my streak, because I’m not worried as much about the streak as I used to be. I was on vacation, so I’m saying the streak was frozen.

And I won’t be taking a vacation again any time soon.

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