I’m a digital hoarder. I have more art and business courses than I could possibly take in a lifetime stored in the cloud, and it’s time to start working my way through them in an organized fashion.

So I used this curriculum inspired by an infographic from reddit user radiorunner to design my own learning path for art and I also designed a companion businesses path with it! I figured I would model it after a college learning path, so business courses will be my “gen-ed credits” alongside the art courses.

Today’s art exercise started with some gesture drawing on live video:

And then I studied some SUPER old Proko videos, and started working on the bean exercise:

As a general rule, I like to do 100 of whatever it is that I’m studying. So 100 beans is the goal. At this rate it will take 4-5 days before I move on to the next lesson.

[mbv name=”11049″]

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