Yeah, the title was me goofing off today. I had to refill my propane tank for heat in the cabin today — during an ice storm, of course. That was fun, but the mission was a success.

I also worked on the figure drawing that I’ve been chipping away at. I dipped into an incredibly deep flow state today while I was rendering and finishing the final few lay-ins and measurements:

I’m having incredible fun working on this piece. I’ll continue bringing it closer to a finish tomorrow before I go to work to tattoo this design:

I’m extremely excited about this piece, because I figured out how to create a stippling brush in Krita! LoL Nerdy, nerdy me.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to create a realistic tattooing-style stippling brush until now. The spacing based on the speed of the stroke was the issue. But I figured it out!

[mbv name=”11049″]

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