As I continue the coursework from Reinventing the Tattoo, I’m reconsidering how I appraoch the projects in front of me.

I started my morning by preparing line work for tomorrow’s tattoo:

I left pieces of it intentionally un-finished so I can draw directly on my client to ensure optimal fit and flow.

Next-up, I worked on some box exercises from Drawabox:

I can tell where some of my measurements are off, but this is an exercise meant to identify that we’re all flawed when it comes to drawing perspective. I could continue with the 250 box challenge, but I think I’m just going to move on to Lesson 2 of Drawabox.

Finally, I spent the afternoon reworking and finishing this design for sale:

This rework is directly influenced by what I learned inside of the course I’m participating in.

Super-full day of art today! Happy happy. 😀

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