Yesterday I did the outline for an entire sleeve…yeah…I went HUGE.

And today I decided to recover. I had an appointment reschedule, so I slowly pecked my way through the next exercise from drawabox after tinkering with creating a felt-tip pen in Krita. It behaves like a micron, now! Pressure sensitivity AND speed sensitivity.

That might sound a bit extreme, but I’ve been trying to create a speed-sensitive brush in Krita for ages, and once I found out how to do that with the tattoo stippler, I HAD to try it with other brushes. The process was different this time, though. Anyway, here are the results of the drawabox exercise:

Ribbons are sort-of an unfair advantage for me as a tattoo artist…I do a lot of ribbons, so this was easy.

[mbv name=”11049″]

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