Another decent night’s sleep, I spent most of my morning doing web development and research, then went to the cabin and worked on getting a video posted for CreateQuest — Here’s the latest chronicle.

Then I joined a focus party on Zoom and tackled my warmup page for the day:

I think I may have found a way to get my backup stylus to stop leaving stray marks, but it’s a little bit abusive…

And I did a tattoo later in the day:

What was awesome?

MASSIVE action on CreateQuest and all of my other projects.

Doing a tattoo that I really enjoyed.

What needs work?

I felt unfocused today.

What did I learn?

The more I focus on creating my own art, the more of it I get to do (personally and professionally).

And don’t forget to check out CreateQuest – a project that I’m working on with Chris Beaven. It’s our mission to bring creatives together in an empowering community with a focus on improving the world, not just changing it.

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