Today was errand day, but I spent the morning working on editing video and then I sat down to do some drawing at the cabin.

My warmup page:

Not a bad one, but not phenomenal. I was mostly just getting through the page so I could get back to work on my latest flash piece:

I’ve always enjoyed Art Nouveau elements in my designs, but playing around with the Art Nouveau filigree today was just FUN. I wanted to push a steampunk-esque feel to this design, and I think I accomplished that with simple elements that flow nicely.

I probably spent more time redrawing the accents today than I’ve spent on most of the rest combined. But it was worth it.

In the late afternoon I got back to work on CreateQuest — preparing to launch the first four lessons of Rethinking Creative Marketing. That should be released in the next couple of days. After the first four lessons, I’ll focus on releasing one module or sub-module per week. We shall see how it goes!

What was awesome?

Quite a creativity-packed day, even with errands!

Finding inspiration in Art Noueau.

I started new mobility training today — but it actually made me feel weaker after I did it. I suppose that’s just taxing rarely-used muscles to activate them, but it was odd.

What needs work?

I’m still really, really tired.

What did I learn?

Focused time is awesome. Sleepy time needs to happen more consistently. I’m excited about my mobility training!

And don’t forget to check out CreateQuest – a project that I’m working on with Chris Beaven. It’s our mission to bring creatives together in an empowering community with a focus on improving the world, not just changing it.

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