There was an extremely severe thunderstorm last night, which kept the entire family up pretty late. I would have slept through it if not for my daughter needing comfort, which I’m glad I was able to give.

But…yeah. It feels like I’m going on day 500+ of no sleep, even though I’ve had a night or two of good sleep over the past couple of weeks.

Today was also an early day at the studio, with a long break between shop meeting and my tattoo, so I did some sketching in the mean-time:

Then knocked out a kid’s first tattoo — his mother got it for him for this 18th birthday:


Finally, I did some writing when I made it home for the night.

What was awesome?

Not breaking the chain.

Remember Reilly rhythms for quicksketch. I forgot how useful they were. I just started dropping some lines in while I was sketching today and things seemed to pull together.

I should probably study more Reilly head drawing…

What needs work?

Sleep. I need more sleep. A lot more sleep. My sketching suffers immensely when I don’t get a good night’s rest.

What did I learn?

As long as I set my priorities…then I can take it from there.

And don’t forget to check out CreateQuest – a project that I’m working on with Chris Beaven. It’s our mission to bring creatives together in an empowering community with a focus on improving the world, not just changing it.

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