Today was a strange day for me. I woke up a little light on sleep, but I felt like I still had some energy. I wrote this morning, then met with Chris early for some work on CreateQuest. There are some pretty exciting developments there!

After lunch I went to the shop and got ready for a tattoo, a piece of flash that I sold. Here’s the final result:

The lines looked great, but I feel like I lost it on the shading. I should have simplified the shading for the smaller size of the piece, but alas, I didn’t. It would have been stronger with clearly defined planes of the face, I think.

What was awesome?

Great progress on CreateQuest.

Tattooing a piece of flash that I sold.

What needs work?

I’m disappointed in the result of the tattoo. I’d like to see it when it’s healed, because the grey wash I used will heal lighter than it appears right now. A second pass might be necessary.

What did I learn?

Always try to go bigger with a design involving a face. Always.

And don’t forget to check out CreateQuest – a project that I’m working on with Chris Beaven. It’s our mission to bring creatives together in an empowering community with a focus on improving the world, not just changing it.

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