I got an earlier start today — and I got to get started in the cabin! With loud music again!

Not the greatest warmup in the history of my practice, but not a bad one, either. I took my time today and really got into the process, jamming out to some instrumental, edm, and soundtrack music.

I booked this piece today after deciding to do small tattoos to fill the gaps between large pieces, due to the ease of prep and ROI. It took less than five minutes to complete the design, and may take 10 minutes to tattoo!

Another client design — an incredibly minimal one. This is going to be a challenge to tattoo, but it should be pretty exciting, too. I get to take my time and focus my attention on every little detail. 🙂

As simple as this one is, it took quite a while to put together, just to make sure the alignment and spacing on everything was correct.

I started working on some ladyface flash. My darker side may be coming out a little bit in this one. I’m alright with that.


And a tiny tattoo to end the day.

What went well?

  • Just drawing. A lot today, actually. A lot of drawing today.

What needs work?

  • Oscillating and energy. I ran out of steam around 3pm and still had a tattoo to do.
  • Minimal lines on a neck/behind-the-ear are difficult to do, mostly because of hair and an ear.

What did I learn?

I need more rest. A lot more rest.

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