I brought my son to the cabin with me today for my AM work block. My wife needed a little bit of time without kids, so I did what any good husband would do — I sacrificed my morning to spend time with my family to help my wife with the things she really needed to do.

Unfortunately, that means I didn’t get a TON of art time in today. I tried to do my warmup traditionally, but something happened…

I was filming and he wanted to be in the video, too. LoL His fingernails are filthy from falling on the dirt path on the way to the cabin. Fun times.

I also worked on a design for a client later this week, but didn’t save the sketch before I left the cabin. I DID save the thumbnails, though.

What went well?

  • Spending time with my son.
  • A lot of progress on a client design.

What needs work?

  • Creating the time to work on my projects.
  • Holding other people accountable for the times they have committed in my schedule.

What did I learn?

Thumbnailing is fun!

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